Saturday, September 25, 2004

World Parfume aka Scentura aka Universal Management aka BIG FUCKIN SCAM..

Tucker Maddox
So I answered an ad in the paper that claimed to offer entry level management positions with no experience necessary....Cutting through a WHOLE shit load of pyramid scheme rantings, it's a non investment pyramid *note TRAPEZOID since you can never be at the top, scam (read scheme). All in all I made about 100 bux but then broke a cheap ass bottle which cost me 15 so after one week on the job and about 45 hrs labor I netted 85 bux...HAHAHHAHAHAHA Drew Imma pay you back for that bottle man I didn't know shit was fake til after I hit the BBB site and read all the complaints, that one is on me when I get a new job....

Monday, September 20, 2004

Tucker Maddox
sorry bout the lack of posts

new job and all keeps me away from the computer, i'll post all about this month later this week...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Who has time to blog anymore?

Tucker Maddox
Let's see...New job, new life, new everything who has time to blog? If I
suddenly have time again to resume this I will. To all my readers that
have stuck around since june, good lookin out and thanks for playin. If
AS decides he wants to keep posting here you'll see updates, but you
prolly won't hear much from me anymore. Well see, one last thing
...if u don't understand don't worry.