Sunday, August 08, 2004

You been fucked by, a smooth criminal...

Tucker Maddox
Michael Michael...what is going on in your head? I watched an interview with Michael Jackson on VH1 yesterday, where a reporter was allowed to follow michael around and venture into his most personal moments etc. During the interview the reporter asked Michael the question that almost everyone who gives a damn wants to ask: "What the fuck happened to your face?", not in those words of course but same idea. Michael quickly responds and says it was all puberty, he's had no surgery whatsoever except his nose, and only two surgeries on that, and his white skin *also known as Vitiligo* is a naturally occuring problem he has. someone who has been a Jackson 5 fan, and fans of both Michael and Janet, I can honestly say BULL FUCKIN SHIT MICHAEL come off it...The worst part of the interview was when Michael was confronted about the "Lil' Boys That Could", and why they sleep in his bedroom with him; his response: "Their parents say it's ok so I say its ok if the parents do." First of all, last I checked he was 44 or something in that general area, second of all, IT'S BOYS! If you feel you have to be a pedophile, at least go for the females. It's gonna look bad either way but at least its not another guy. Don't get me wrong the man can dance and he can sing, but damn...Lil boys??? There's definitely something wrong in that man's head...He's bad, really...really bad.