Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Arnold Schwollenpecker
OK So this is a serious post. But here are ARNOLD'S TOP 10 REASONS TO OWN MADDEN 2005.

10. The Hit Stick owns (Took Michael Vick out for the season on a blindside hit stick sack)

9. Create-A-Fan rocks (My fat fan slaps his stomach whenever I score a touchdown.)

8. 100 times better then Madden 2004 (and we all know 2004 was the greatest football game of all time.

7. Touch passing (You can now float the ball past the linebackers without the ball hanging in the air long enough for the DBs to pick it off or knock it down)

6. Realistic Running game. (no more of that Jewish ass running shit where you change directions on a dime. When cutting from left to right the back actually slows down to make the cut.)

5. Free demo of NFL Street (and I didn't think this game was any good low and behold I actually played it and will be out to buy it).

4. Classic Madden (Yes relive the very first game on the genesis and the first 2 for the playstation. Definitely much fun.)

3. Its not ESPN 2k5 (yea the game was OK but who the fuck were the commentators. Sounded like they got 2 jackasses off of Public Access TV.)

2. The Madden Jinx (Ray Lewis on the cover. I fucking hate the ravens)

1. More Cheerleader Cards (Hot Women in skimpy outfits.)