Saturday, August 21, 2004

Team USA Basketball

Arnold Schwollenpecker
My oh My oh My, Team USA Basketball. Everytime I hear those words I just shake my head at the utter amazement of how much this team absolutely sucks. It is without a doubt proven that any team led by Allen "I take 90 shots a night and make 10%" Iverson, will never accomplish much more then mediocrity. Dream Team Wannabes are what they are. This team does not have the passion, determination, skills and fundamentals to have the name Dream Team. These jerks not only represent the NBA they also represent the USA. You can say these numbnuts do no represent you but in all actuality they represent the entire United States of America. They also mislead to rest of the world that we are egotistical, arrogant and also a joke. It is time to go back and using amateurs/college players. This is the last chance a player headed to the NBA will get to experience true team basketball. And I don't mean players from lets say my favorite team The University of Arizona. Yes, I love my Wildcats dearly but sadly Lute Olson has stopped recruiting Blue Chippers and making them superstars. He is trying to get Superstars and mold them into Blue Chip Players. I hate Duke with a passion, but year in and year out Duke is near the bottom of the recruiting polls, yet year in and year out that are on top of the AP Polls. Players that are fundamentally sound that know how to play as a team. So they way it looks just let Duke play in the Olympics. As much as I despise Mike Krzyewski there is no doubt in my mind any Duke team can win not only an Olympic Gold Medal but an NBA Championship as well. Get these suckasses from the NBA off the court until they learn to play. Lets get in some hard working fundamentally sound college kids they can play D to represent this great country. AND QUIT BUYING ALL THAT ALLEN IVERSON SHIT. LOOK AT HIS NUMBER AND YOU WILL SEE THIS ASSHOLE SUCKS ON MORE BALLS THEN JENNA JAMESON.