Monday, August 30, 2004

Oakland Raiders vs Arizona Cardinals

Arnold Schwollenpecker
Football, Beer and Brawls, what more can a real man ask for. This was my experience at this past Saturday's Raiders Vs Cardinals game. Now keep in mind IM a Viking fan but I love the raiders too. Game started off kinda slow but not the shit talking in the crowd. Before the 90 minute countdown to kick off could reach 89:35 the insults started to fly. It first started with some thug ass looking black guy who made the trip from Oakland. And yes it was apparent he was from Oakland by the big ass OAKTOWN tat he had on his back. He started quick with this group containing exactly 5 people. 1 Papago (he was Indian so in my eyes he's a papago. If its not PC blow me), 2 wetbacks, a black guy, and then some thug ass Chicano. And yes there is a difference between Mexicans wetbacks Chicanos and Hispanics. For those of you who don't know take an ethnic sensitivity course. Christ. Anyway back to my post. It went from my team sucks to fuck you pussy I will kill you, by the time the countdown hit 80:27. At this point no one is Drunk. The ill kill you pussy lasted till about 34:54. At this point the beer guy finally showed up. The Papago made amends and bought everyone a bud light. Including me and I wasn't even with them. So the guys OK in my book. 4:35 countdown the black guy buys the round and the Chicano starts talking shit cuz its Miller lite. This then continues till past kick off and at 7:54 left in the first quarter the oaktown guy is hauled off by DPS for throwing the plastic Miller bottle. :32 seconds left in the first quarter thug ass Chicano #1 moves to the seats behind us and starts talking to a guy (thug ass Chicano #2) he's apparently known for a long time. 12:23 left in the 2nd quarter thug ass Chicano #1 is telling the #2 hes gonna kick his ass and throw him over the back rail. The 2 then proceed down the steps to open area and 1 punch is thrown by #1. DPS tackle him quickly cuff him and is detained where IM assuming he will get his hearing On Monday. 2:21 left in the 2nd. Thug ass Chicano #2 returns to his seat. 2:18 left in the second #2 yells who's a cards fan. All is quiet for a bit. 1:15 left this skinhead whiteboy somehow sits in front of me wearing a cardinals jersey. 1:10 left #2 yells who's a card fan again. The skinhead jumps up and yells GO CARDS. :57 seconds left in the 2nd. #2 jumps over my girlfriend, not touching her, and for no reason whats so ever socks the skinhead in the mouth knocking him out. #2 then proceeds to run away like a little bitch and not staying to fight. By this time we are at half time. At the bottom of the stairs DPS is waiting for #2. There's 3 DPS officers and #2 proceeds to sock one of them in the face. This action quickly calls for the DPS officer to pull out his Billy club and whack the guy in the stomach with it. #2 is cuffed and detained. 2:00 till the 3rd quarter starts and the skin head is still laid out cold. Start of the 3rd quarter paramedics arrive. 7:34 left in the 3rd and the skinhead wakes up goes down with the paramedics. 6:21 left in the third, The skinhead returns and has a bud light for each hand. And in my section this is all that occurred. Countless number of fights happening in sections away from me. I use to work Security for Cardinals games and thank God I don't anymore. Anyway the Raiders won 17-16 and it was a great fucking night.