Sunday, August 08, 2004


Arnold Schwollenpecker
Allen "I suck at playing as a team" Iverson - Point Guard for the Philadelphia 76ers - For all you Allen Iverson Fans out there kiss my ass. Because you got tattoos, wear head bands and shot 80 shots a night does not make u good. Seriously Iverson you fuckin suck. Id score 30 points a game too if I took 80 shots a game. Learn to fuckin pass and you wont be a cancer to any team you play for. Also, why the hell are you representing the United States in Athens. You sure as hell don't represent me. You shoot 41% from the field for your career and 31% from behind the arc. You my friend fuckin suck. JACKASS OF THE YEAR AWARD NOMINEE.

Ted "I suck at staying on the wagon" Kennedy - Senator of Massachusetts - What the fuck is wrong the people of Massachusetts that they keep electing you to the senate. I don't think I have ever heard you talk once without the reporter in the front row fanning the stench of liquor on your breath. What's really really sad July 25th, 2004 at the Democratic National Convention you received an award for the work you have done as a senator. What the hell have you ever done. To make things even worse that was the 30 year anniversary of the women you ran off the road, watched drown, and then drove off. I guess having a little money buys you any type of justice. If that was us common folk we would be serving a life sentence right now.

George "I suck at planning for war" Bush - Current President of the United States - Yes I can understand this war on Iraq was based off incorrect information provided to you by 5 different intelligence agencies all over the world. But man, you suck at post war occupation. Why is most of our boys have died after the "mission accomplished" slogan then when we were actually fighting the Iraqi army? You asshole have my best friend in harms way cuz you suck donkey balls at strategy and planning. I was totally for this war but your dumb ass cut off the ties with our most powerful allies because of fuckin pride. And you sir i hate you for that. You don't give a shit about the men dying cuz it aint your friends or your family over there occupying a country after you have already turned the power over. Get our boys out of Iraq and start working on these countries with admitted WMDs. JACK ASS OF THE YEAR AWARD NOMINEE.

Michael "I suck at making movies" Moore - Director - Now one would think with my passionate hatred for Bush I might be inclined to enjoy such films as Fahrenheit 911. Unfortunately I have seen less bullshit on a Texas Ranch. I can understand making a movie trying to get Bush out of office, and believe me, I am all for it, but what you have done is sickening. Its very easy to criticize someone when the only tough decision you have had to make is with or without cheese. Bash Bush all you want it is your God Given right. But when you make a movie that twists and turns the truths about what happened on America's darkest day you spit on the graves of the 3000 people that died that die. You are also spitting on the graves of the men and women in America, that not only support Bush, but those that also hate bush. Comments like "The dumbest Canadian is smarter then the smartest American," whether you think so or not, is very un-American and traitorous. My grandfathers fought for this country, my uncles, almost everyone in my family fought for this country fought for your bitch ass. Your comment spit in their faces, the ones that fucking fought for you to stuff your face, make your movies, and sit there trying to catch air in a simple interview with bill O'Reilly.

Michael Jackson - The king of Pop - Enough said