Thursday, July 01, 2004

What Da Hook Gon' Repeat?

Tucker Maddox
All right that's it, I'm sick of all the new shitty rap songs that have been taking over the radio stations lately. Not only the songs but the artists. Why you ask? There's NOTHING innovative, clever, or even catchy about 90% of rap now-a-days. Everything now is about how many times you can repeat yourself before the next verse comes up. Some examples include: ALL songs by Cassidy, Fabolous, MA$E, Chingy, R-Kelly aka the Rapist, Nick Cannon, and Lil' Jon. How many times does she need to know "It's ya song ma" or "Welcome Back" or even that you'll be "Checkin out 6 in the mornin'"? Dammit that's why oldies are back in style. What? Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!! Man that's all I have to say and I'm gonna get paid big bucks, shit I'll take it. Over this new bullshit, give me Vanilla Ice. At least when the hook repeats its whispered so I know I won't have to turn the music down to prevent annoying my friends. One thing I must say though, the hooks from these artists make excellent ringtones so I appreciate them in that sense. But enough is enough, either think of something new so that rap doesn't become shittier than this or enjoy being just as bland as a bowl of pencil shavings and hay. Enjoy having as much skill rapping, as "My First Casio Keyboard" has making a beat. "See I don't need no fuckin' skillz for this beat". Officially cRAP music now.