Thursday, July 22, 2004

Tucker Maddox Gets Roasted

Tucker Maddox
Visit Tucker Max's site for the official page where the shit started. Let me make a few comments on this: I could care less. I got about 1000 hits on the site in just the last 10 minutes due to that. There's NO SUCH THING as bad attention. Attention is attention, and the more shit that get's talked, the more advertisement I get. So thanks for the promotion. Check out TuckerMax's site by using the link in the lower right of this page if you want to see some funny shit. I got roasted no doubt, but seriously, IT'S A BLOG SITE. Not a mirror of anyone else's site, all my shit is ORIGINAL, meaning you can't find the same post anywhere else. Idiots...So stop wasting your life combing comments on forums and do something constructive if you have a problem with this site. Alt-f4 closes the browser window, that way you never have to see this site again. I'm still laughing at all the hate mail I've recieved in the last 10 minutes. ADVICE: Use an English translator if you don't speak English. Again, thanks for the promotion.