Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Semper Fi Jeff...Carry on.

Tucker Maddox
A tribute to CPL. Jeff Lawrence of the Us Marine Corps. that died recently in Iraq. We went to the same high school and were both in the same graduating class... Though we weren't the closest of friends he and I still said what's up every now and then and even stopped to chat on occasion. He played football for our highschool and I clearly remember throwing the ball with him on the field a few times here and there. He most likely would have made a great quarterback but he instead chose to serve our country Thank you for doing what you were asked to do for your country, and when we have our high school reunion we will remember you then. I will pray that you make a safe journey to your final resting place in heaven man. Godspeed Jeff, ooooh rah and Semper Fi soldier...carry on. UPDATE: I also learned that he had a baby daughter by the girl that he was dating at our school recently. This happened about two weeks ago I just didn't write this in time, but better late than never. The story as read in our local paper is here AZ Daily Star Article. Take care man I'm sorry this had to happen to you and your family.