Friday, July 23, 2004

How to get AOL free like me in just 3 easy steps.

Tucker Maddox
1. Call in to cancel.
AOL employees in the saves dept. get paid an extra incentive or three for keeping your account active. Even if its not right you'll get two free months. Trust me I worked there.

2. Make friends with an INT (Internal Employee).
Buddies that are INT's can get you free months on your account. Only one every month or three because it triggers a flag if it's a non-saves dept applying a credit.

3. Download AOL Communicator.
AOL communicator allows you access to your AOL email and Buddy List without having to use AOL. The plus side to this is if ever you're sent the "Your account will be terminated soon" letters, you can use communicator. AOL uses a *per logon* session trigger to a: check if you've read the termination letters, and b: determine when your account will be closed. So stay off AOL as long as you can by using Communicator.

Trust me I worked there for two long years and I was considered cream of the crop when it came to this type of shit. To all my former AOL employees reading this right now, I know you guys have been telling me to post this earlier but naaaahhhhh now's good. Just call up and say you want to cancel due to disconnect issues, they'll give ya 1-2 months just for that. I got 99 problems but an ISP ain't one.