Friday, July 23, 2004

HATEMAIL and More.

Tucker Maddox
This just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I woke up this morning, took my tmobile sidekick off the charger when I saw it: Two fresh new hatemails bright and early. Who could ask for anything better? If you didn't read my disclaimer before mailing me its out of my hands. First of all, most ISP's have an email address you can forward anything vulgar to, ie: So think about what you are doing before you do it. Second of all just to give you morons some insight about my pen name (tuckermaddox), TUCKER MAX is one of my favorite writers idiots. That's why there's been a link to his site since the beginning. Maddox is another one of my favorite writers. I pay tribute to both with a moniker that contains BOTH of the greats' names in it. Idiot...See, when any of the people I know visit this site, they see the links to Tucker's site and they see the links to Maddox's site. ADVERTISEMENT. What have you done to advertise Tucker's site simple word of mouth? I've been doing that for two years now and it looks like I've found something better. Not only, are you spreading the word because his site is kick ass, but now you're spreading it even more due to his article on me "Dude, check out what Tucker said about this guy". Looks like no matter what I do you are still under my control whether its conciously or subconciously. I came up with my own identity; how many other people are named TuckerMaddox? Learn what plagerizing is and then get back to me. So I guess all the people that name their kids after celebrities are plagerizing too right? Dumbasses. Nothing was stolen from anyone you morons.