Thursday, July 29, 2004

D_Skins are D_Shit

Tucker Maddox
I don't know if you've seen the commercial: Black guy hitchikin, gets picked up in a truck by a weird white guy, white guy has crap for music in his cd player that starts skippin, black guy pulls out cd from cd player and then whips out his own cd from his own cd player and puts it in white guys cd player, black guys cd has a d_skin cd condom on it for protection, cd does not skip; Well after I saw the commercial I decided that I wanted to check into this new product. I headed straight to Walmart and picked me up a pack. They come in a silver tin almost like an AOL cd, and inside are 5 micro-thin sheets of cd protectors that snap on to any cd, dvd, or game disk. So I put em to the test...Music cd: I threw that thing like a frisbee about 5 times into the street shiny side down, normally that's homicide for a cd. But not with my D_Skin condom for my cd. 100% protection from scratches. DVD: Kicked that thing shiny side down a few times on the concrete in my carport, still no scratches. 100% protected...You can just about guess how my ps2 disk test went, flawless...These things are fuckin awesome and if you haven't heard about them yet, go here D_Skin homepage. Take my word on it, they work EXACTLY as described, enjoy.