Monday, July 05, 2004


Arnold Schwollenpecker
I hate you fucking CHINKANESE bastards. Now that I got that off my chest IM going to tell you what happened. So its Saturday, July 3rd. Just hit up circuit city to see if Shellshock Nam '67 came out. Bitch ass video game companies not releasing games when they say they are. Anyway I am hot as hell because its like 688956765 degrees outside and this bitch ass in the seat next to me is telling how cold it is in my car. So keep in mind my fuse is already short cuz I'M sweating like frosty in the green house. So with this unbearable heat I recalled seeing a Chinkanese dollar store advertising two 20 ounce sodas for a buck. So I'M like what the fuck I'M hot and thirsty and I know broke ass here is too and he aint got no money so I felt like being a good Samaritan. I get in there they had a lot of cool ass cheap toys and decided to browser. The whole time I was in there the slant eyed fucker behind the cabinet eyeballed me the whole god damned time. So I bought 2 packs of water balloons for the 4th, and grabbed the 2 sodas. As this asshole rings up the shit he so swiftly proceeds to ring up 1 soda twice charging me for 3. I never left the fucking store as I caught it right away. I asked him why he swiped the same soda twice and the other one once. The dick said something in his Chinkanese language to 1 of his 40 wives and I know he was talking shit cuz I could tell by the tone in his voice. He said he didn't and I asked to make sure he hands the receipt in my hand. Then the fucker has the nerve to tell me that its his right as an American entrepreneur to not provide a receipt to his customers. I proceeded to call him a liar and he told me if I don't like it I can leave. Now a rational person would have left, but I was still hot and this Asian piece of shit just pissed me off even more. So I told him that its my right as a true American not to get ass raped by slant eyed dipshits who cant fucking read a business license agreement. I then proceeded to tell this asshole the better business bureau would be contacted and got a lawyer who is so racist will take a Chinkanese son of a whore to court on principle only. My day got better when after that was all said I got the shit for free. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!