Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Coach K and the LA Fakers.

Tucker Maddox
If you personally know me, you know that I'm a Lakers fan. I've been one since the good ol' days of Magic Johnson, and I've even met AC Green; that aside they suck ass right now. Also, my favorite college teams are such: Michigan, DUKE, UNC Charlotte, and Georgetown. So we see a common link between Coach K and myself, and honestly I have to commend him for not going to the lakers. Coach K has a reputation to uphold and when you come to a team that has one of the top five payrolls but just got bent over a desk and ass pillaged with a rusted ice pick, you'd say no too. 8+ million a year and he said no: know why? Lakers just got stomped royally and not even a peep came from them after game 2. I chose not to watch anything after game 3, I already knew. I'm going to start a new business: The Make A Brick Foundation, for every shot a player misses he has to cough up 10 dollars. I could bankrupt Kobe, Iverson, and Shaq (free throws) in one season. Coach K, good move, even we Laker fans don't approve of the team. Can't wait for college basketball to start up again...