Saturday, July 10, 2004

Arnold's Sucks List

Arnold Schwollenpecker
Elmer "I suck at throwing strikes" Dessens - Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher
You know you fucking suck when your last in the rotation on the worst pitching staff in the Major leagues. An ERA of 5.05 and you haven't thrown passed the 6th inning all season Christ almighty. Best season was when you sat out all 162 games with an injury.

John "I suck at taking a stand" Kerry - 2004 Presidential Nominee
Jesus Christ how man pairs of flip flops does one man own. I haven't seen this asshole stick with one of the decisions he's made since the democratic primary's started. He's for the war he's against the war, send the troops, bring them home now the asshole says he will keep them there. Christ almighty. The other 2 ass clowns running suck but Christ at least we know what we will get with them. You sir are nominated for jack ass of the year.

VIN "I suck at acting" Diesel - Fast and the Furious, Pitch Black
You my friend couldn't act stupid. Fast and the Furious was, by far, one of the worst fucking displays of acting I have ever seen. The playboy models in the Andy Sidaris movies have more substance then you. The best acting job you have done was in A Man Apart and you fucking blew balls in that. How fucking long did it take you to get ready for XXX cuz it sure seemed like they threw you in at the last moment and you read from a cue card. Give Jenna Jameson an Academy Award next to the bullshit you call movies.

Lil "I suck at making music" Jon - Rapper
If you take that fucking gold out of your mouth maybe we can understand what the fuck you are saying. Only thing I can understand what you're saying is make all these bitches crawl. Trying to crawl away from your no talent ass. I can scream into a mic too and IM not getting paid for shit. You my friend is why music downloading should be legalized and free. Nominee number 2 for JACKASS OF THE YEAR.

Al "I suck at running a team" Davis - Owner of the Los Angeles Raiders
You my friend are the reason I try not to admit IM a Raiders fan. Why the fuck did you let John Gruden go. I hope you actually saw his team Ass Fuck you like the guy from American Me. I have never seen anyone make so many bad decisions for a team. Decided to build a team around Rich Gannon. You must be fucking stupid. Rich Gannon was mediocre at best. Might as well have had Jeff George a your quarter back. Al Davis i salute you and would like to present you with the JACK ASS LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.