Thursday, June 17, 2004

Vote this year and win big!!!!!

Tucker Maddox
I'm going to cheat on my presidential ballot for 2004. Either candidate i choose I'm screwed. No vaseline, no backrub, just plain screwed. I've had a few days off recently so beyond the regular sports games on tv, I've decided to watch the Iraq issues and such. As well as watch the presidential match up *note: presidential shortcomings* to see who I'm voting for. Now see, I'm a "Democrat" so naturally you would think I'd vote for Kerry, but you're wrong. I'm not confined to voting only in my presidential party. The way I see it, if I vote for "Dubya" I'll lose money and fear imminent terrosit retalitory danger at all times, and if I vote Kerry, I have a huge nerdy, oversized novelty headed retard running my country. But wait there's more, Kerry and bush both want to keep shit rollin in Iraq. Some people ask "where's the middle class now?", the answer to that question is easy: Tax cut+Rich people-concern+middle class tax money=more poor people=less people in the middle making money and able to save it. Now the rich are saving more, the poor are gettin less, and the middle classman is now giving his savings to the rich man. Good work Bush can't wait to vote in 2004