Sunday, June 27, 2004

Some random (yet original) thoughts:

Tucker Maddox
It is better to kill a mockingbird than to mock a serial killer.
1+2 can equal 5 if you get them both pregnant.
People in glass houses use a lot of Windex.
To err is human, to really fuck up takes a politician.
Behind every strong man is a strong woman but sometimes its another strong man.
On the road of life there are many turn signals but only one dead end.
I got my masters in aviation the same year I was chosen Mr. Congeniality: I'm Aero-dynamic
Why kill 2 birds with one stone when you can wipe out many with poisoned bird seed?
Life's a bitch then you marry one, then your other one has puppies.
It takes an village to raise a child, but one priest to make him an adult.
Its easier than shootin dead fish on a table.
What came first the chicken or the egg? The rooster came first.
No copying here so if you copy me at least give me credit. Tuckermaddox bitches...