Tuesday, June 29, 2004

S.A.N.D Fund Most Donations Accepted.

Tucker Maddox
NEW: Tucker Maddox S.A.N.D Fund (Save A Negro from Dying) It appears times got a wee bit harder due to some untimely bills for medical reasons. Any donations will be accepted its just this week only as I feel I'll be ok for next week. Email me at my email address to the right, or if you know me personally send an im or email and let me know if you can help. Only legit donations please I'm not lookin to make a profit just relief for this week. If you owe me money dammit pay it back. Anything will help. *note "anything excludes pesos, cans, advice, dirt, glass, spit, pee or poo, ticket stubs, wrappers, butts (all kinds), and anything else that is NOT current US legal tender/currency* Money orders, checks and cash if ur gonna help. Also donations will not qualify me to be "in debt" to you unless its via gratitude then thanks a million.