Monday, June 21, 2004

Ok, T-mobile service doesn't suck...It nails me no vaseline and no backrub.

Tucker Maddox
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh son of a bitch", a common expression you will hear me say if you are anywhere me and my T-mobile phone at the same time. Dammit I know I already mentioned this, but T-mobile sucks some major balls here. We're not talking golf or ping-pong here, no were talkin beach and four square balls. Son of a bitch...Currently I'm waiting on a replacement for my sidekick so I'm going to list the shit that's wrong with it: First and foremost, it powers off on its own. Not just any power off where it saves everything then turns off, no this piece of shit shuts down at random, whether battery is full or not. I'm midsentence, text message, email, im convo, doesn't matter to this thing; when it's off time it's off time. Secondly, the number "4" has issues. It either works or it doesn't its a toss up. Out of nowhere the damn roller stopped working, I can only push in the roller button but no up and down scrolly action for TuckerMaddox here, oh no that would be too easy. Last but not least, and I have to refer to a previous article, but dammit if I sneeze, fart, or think, the damn thing goes out of signal range. At least rub my back while ur nailin me...Dammit T-mobile, I would shake my fist at you but my phone would probably die or drop my next call, so I'm chill you ain't gotta worry bout me. Fuckers...
T-mobile:4 TuckerMaddox:0