Thursday, June 17, 2004

Non-exicans: The new future ethnic category.

Tucker Maddox
We all have friends that are non-exicans; you know the people who have last names like Ramirez and Alvarez, and don't speak a lick of Spanish. I mean not even a sentence...I have friends that say "ok well" and "nah foo", like most Mexican Americans, but when you ask them to translate for you they freeze. So I've given them a new racial identification: Non-exicans. Non-exicans is short for Non-Mexicans, but see calling someone a non-mexican would be denying that they are Mexican. Your typical Non-exican has a strong Mexican accent, usually a set of seminarias *note 7 day bracelets* if its a girl or name plate necklace, and if a male there's the typical set of 100 spoke rims on the car with the last name *Ramirez, Gomez, or Sanchez" decal on the rear window. Mexican people right? Ehhhhhh, wrong...Noooooooooo Spanish at all. Not a word nor phrase nor translation coming from that person. Now I know what you're thinking, "Tucker Maddox doesn't like mexicans", ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wrong again. My girlfriend is pure mexican, most of my male friends are mexican, and my "little brother" is mexican. So none of that shit...But seriously when you live this close to Mexico you would think you could pick up more Spanish than that. I'm far from being Mexican and I know more Spanish than 70% of my town. I went to Mexico and dazzled people, "michael jordan can I have your autograph", I heard this from kids the whole day I was there; in Spanish of course. To all my friends that are reading this, it's nothing personal I'm just kidding with you. But seriously, cuando vas a aprender espaƱol?