Monday, June 21, 2004

New AOL for Black People!

Tucker Maddox
Now you and all your homiez can keep in touch online! Introducing AOL® for Black People. Fully customized to suit the needs of Black people and partial Black people. With new features such as Who Dat Be?®, Where Da Party At?®, and What Cho Name Is?®, AOLFBP chat rooms revolutionize the way we speak online. Need a new Kool-Aid recipe? Not a problem with AOLFBP's new You've Got Kool-Aid® service with Sugar/Water ratio calculator. Now its easier than ever to share your pictures with This Ma Baby Daddy/Mama service. AOLFBP has several built in security features to help protect you and your family. With our award winning Back the Fuck Up® firewall technology, hackers don't stand a chance. AOLFBP uses the new What You Claim® voice recognition technology to protect your passwords and important information, simply push sign on and when prompted, yell "Westside" or wherever you're from. It's that easy! Don't have a microphone? If you have a web cam simply sign on and when prompted, throw up "westside" or whatever you claim. AOLFBP's built in Hood Locator will match your gang signs to a database and complete sign on if it matches. You'll be greeted by familiar AOL® sounds such as, "You done been had got some mail dawg" and "Whattup Dawg" and "Peace Nigga". With award winning security and fully customizable options, nothing beats AOL for Black People. Try it now for fitty days free.