Saturday, June 26, 2004

I got a job yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Tucker Maddox
If you're retarded don't take my order.
I know I should have figured this out already, but there's a reason you're working at Burger King. Today I came into BK to get myself 3 regular cheeseburgers. First let me start with this, its breakfast time right now so ordering from the regular menu is a major faux pas. I feel like screamin "DFENS" and going ape shit as I order my wammy burgers with cheese (watch the movie falling down if you have no clue what I'm talking about.) So I ordered my food and the total came out to $2.55 so I hand the girl, who's no older than 13, $2.60. Two dollars, two quarterrs and a dime and you know what she did? She looked me square in the eye and sternly told me that I had shorted her by a nickel. "Sir thats only two fifty", you've gotta be kidding me. If you're that retarded, don't take my order dammit.