Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bullshit: The new alternative fuel.

Tucker Maddox
Imagine this: your car, home and personal devices all powered by one
endless fuel supply. In a world today where wars break out over oil and
gasoline or the derivatives of oil, most people forget about this
abundant fuel. Bullshit in all forms burns clean. A highly abundant
source of bullshit exists in every state, every country, and every
continent. Get into your car and simply think and away you go. Most
people are so full of bullshit they can power multiple machines at
once. No longer would you need to depend on the heads of government to
regulate prices as your own bullshit would be free. An honest person?
Like to lend a helping hand? No problem as our advisors and trainers
will have you producing mass amounts of this great fuel in no time!
Warning overuse may cause many people to no longer be full of shit. If
you have any problems consult a doctor before attempting to use your
bullshit. Side effects include honesty, devotion, and dedication. A
clinical study shows women more often than men have a steady supply. It
could happen ya know?
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.